Caviar Expert Opens Shop in Lakeside: Get to Know Flagship Speciality Foods & Fish Market

Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins knows fish. She also knows how to make some of the best take-home lasagna or brussel sprouts you’ve ever had. Welcome to Flagship Foods.  Located in Lakeside, another location will be opening soon in St. Joseph.

Rachel knows seafood. Starting back in 1985, she and her mother ran a successful caviar company. That’s right. Two women, in a primarily male dominated industry were the Iconoclasts of Caviar.  Sourcing from The Great Lakes, Rachel and her mom specialized in things like Whitefish and American Sturgeon Caviar.

Fast forward to 1994. Rachel began spending more time in Michigan, specifically Lakeside. Always around food, cooking and recipes, Rachel realized that the Southeast Shore could use a fish market. Not just any fish market - but one that knew what they were doing and did it right. And so Flagship Foods was born.

Imagine an airy space with daily fresh fish, special orders and things you remember your grandmother making. Then there’s the fresh sandwiches (hint, you can call ahead) and the smoked fish that you can line up with any Upper Peninsula smoked fish - and it would keep up. Hosting a dinner party? You can also choose from a bevy of cheese and goodies to make up your boards.

Daily Fish Specials

A handy chalkboard is the main event at Flagship.  The board lists the fresh fish (delivered daily) available for sale, along with other fish and goodies for sale. The refrigerator has soup, sauces - everything from scratch.

On the day I visited, I enjoyed Fish and Chips. WOW. The fish was hearty and the fries were of the steak fry nature - one of my favorites.

Here’s a secret many don’t know about. Flagship Foods has a special FISH BUYER'S CLUB. Sign up via email and you will get first dibs on the freshest fish that Rachel will receive.  Fish Club members receive special pricing as well. A great deal for getting top-notch seafood delivered to this part of the state!

Flagship Specialty Foods & fish Market is located at 14939 Red Arrow Highway Lakeside, MI 49116