From Brunch to your Private Soirée, The Peasant's Pantry Delivers

The Waffle Flight at Peasant's Pantry

What is it about local business that keeps us coming back? Why do people decide to take a chance and open shop off of a busy highway? What's it like to have access to fruit farms within an arm's length? These are a few of the questions we aimed to uncover at The Peasant's Pantry.

A recent addition to the area, The Peasant's Pantry is located in Sawyer. Its creator, Michael Faltum, sat down with us to highlight what makes the space more than a place to grab a delicious waffle flight. We aren't kidding, friends. This flight knocked us off of our chairs. And that lemon curd? Made in-house, complemented with the blueberry topper was enough to make my pre-summer diet say 'I'm sorry. We need to part ways for a bit so you can devour me.'

Michael's been visiting Harbor Country for years. And he comes from a family who appreciates a good meal, with a little French bistro/cafe flair. All these factors combined with his sharp sense of running a business (The Peasant's Pantry has close to zero waste with ingredients) make us happy he's here. Michael also pays a living wage to all of his employees, including paid time off.

Open less than a year, The Peasant's Pantry enjoyed both seasonal and 'shoulder season' business, which makes us year round folk happy. We were happy to hear that Michael also clinched a liquor license, which opens room for things like...

  • Mimosas!

  • Bellinis!

  • Bloody Mary's!

Michael Faltum is all about the details, choice and ease.

When you walk into the Pantry, you are invited to a simple set up of easy 'to-go' items, but you need to look deeper. We noticed American AND European cheeses, along with vinegars and condiments that you don't see very often in the area. Trust me, I know what it's like. You are having a busy weekend and just don't feel like prepping anything. That's just fine. Michael's team can not only cater a complete meal for you and your friends, but their charcuterie boards can also be constructed on your OWN board. Just bring it in and bam, you are charged a flat price per pound and you'll have a charcuterie board ready to for your deck, the beach or backyard corn hole game. (At HCL, we insist that it's 'corn hole').

But what if you want to sit for a spell? Easy. Head back to The Peasant's Pantry's cafe space. You'll find tables for dine in service, along with handy and hearty Grab and Go items that you can accommodate your Monday morning commute to work.

We visited on a Thursday, which means their weekly Thursday special is up for grabs. Two eggs, any style, with sides for $5.99. You may tell yourself, 'Well, the portions will be small and I'm sure it isn't as hearty as I think.' Think again, folks! Look at this! Every time we visit, we need wheelbarrow to roll us home.

$5.99 Special O' Goodness

From the homemade preserves (which they are selling now) to the Irish Soda Bread, I felt like I was back in Lyon with my host mother, who made me simple and delicious dishes out of her small kitchen. The entire staff made us feel welcome.

Our tip? Leave your worries and planning to Michael and his team. Whether you want a savory pastry for your drive on Red Arrow to catching up with girlfriends over Brunch, look for the cute blue building in Sawyer.

What's in your pantry?