At Redamak's, Family is What Makes the Burger (and Menu) Go Round

Here to serve with a smile! -Redamak's Team 2019

You may have discovered it after wondering who the vintage guy was on those ads on 94.

Then again, you may have come across it when your car detoured off of 94 to 12, avoiding traffic or an accident.

Your Michigan friends may have told you about the Velveeta Burger.

Redamak’s is all of those things, but there is more to this New Buffalo staple that you may not know about. Come along as we enter the world of the round menus and famous Burger Eating Man in the logo.

What started out as a roadside stand, moving over to new ownership in 1975 remains a place steeped in tradition and community. Tradition because the name ‘Redamak’s’ never changed after Jimbo and Angie, followed by their sons Jimmy and Chuck, took over.  The place got bigger, as well as the menu, but the essence of what makes Redamak’s a local favorite keeps my own family coming back.

The mini arcade is a fun treat for kids while the big, outside deck gives you a summer place to take a break, eat and not feel as if you are in an overcrowded place. When I’m family-less, I take full advantage of sitting at the bar with a brew, burger and paper. Shhhh.

Now, don’t get me wrong. In the summertime, there is almost always a line here.

  • Pro Tip#1: call ahead and get takeout.

  • Pro Tip #2: cash only. ATM onsite.

  • Pro Tip #3: no reservations.

If this is your first time at Redamak’s and you aren’t a vegetarian or vegan, get the burger. The burger with cheese, the famous burger. It’s fresh and just….good. When you come back, the menu has a slew of other things to keep you interested. From the turkey burger to the chilli to the chicken fingers to the salads (many say never trust a burger place with salads, but Redamak’s proves them wrong) to the fish, the Redamak’s team goes to great lengths to make sure you get your food fast, fresh and with top notch service.

I sat down with Linda, one of the owners, and asked her a series of questions about the menu and more.

About the freshness of the food

“Our burgers are fresh cut & ground in house offering our customers a quality & consistent product. We also cook from scratch all of our soups including Angie’s Chili.”

About that turkey burger I mentioned…

“I think our turkey burger is one of the BEST!

It is juicy & flavorful, you can have it plain or add avocado, pepper jack cheese, lettuce and will not be hungry!”

About staff, loyalty and service

“We can’t say enough that we are blessed.

We have so many stories however the best way to explain it is...We are one big family.

We work hard together during the season then reunite in February when we get ready to open. It seems we just pick up where we left off. One of our servers has been here for 38 years, Deb Robertson, she has customers come in and ask just for her!”

Redamak’s has a food truck? Yup.

“Our Food Truck has become very popular, we do private events, catering, and large festivals. We have even had the privilege to serve the entire Chicago Blackhawks Team and Staff during their pre-season training camps at the University of Notre Dame.”

For locals, opening day in March is special. Not just because a popular burger is back, but because it's a gathering place for generations to come and introduce this expanded roadside stand to new faces. And for visitors who stream into the joint come summertime, welcome. Take a load off. Don't try to rush it. When you wait in line, inside or outside, close your eyes and you can hear an accordion playing in the background - just like it did at Redamak's in the 70s. (Request: bring back the accordion!)

Redamak's is located at 616 East Buffalo St. in New Buffalo, Michigan.