A collectorZown Playland in Three Oaks

Marcos and HIs Crew

On the main drag in Three Oaks, Michigan, you’ll notice a storefront with what looks to be a ‘standard’ collector’s shop. Then you open the door. Inside, you will see wall-to-wall Funko figures - about 1,700 of them. Behind the counter, you’ll find Marcos - collectorZown's Collector in Charge (my title, not his).

Imagine a group of friends started a online business around trading digital baseball cards. And then imagine those friends morphing that business into other collectibles, securing deals with some of the best known companies in the world. This is exactly what Marcos and his crew did with Funko, Sideshow Collectibles and others.  For years, collectorZown was purely online, powered by the community they organically grew up on Facebook, Instagram and now, YouTube.

It’s something you need to see in person - really. Wall to wall Funko figures and beautifully crafted mini statues. Admittedly, I’m not a big collector, but my husband is. We have Funko figures in our basement taking up food space. So I asked Marcos questions. Alot of questions. His knowledge on trends, what could go up in value, what to buy now or what to hold on to was like my own personal collector’s encyclopedia. What was unique to me was the feeling of not being pushed to BUY something. collectorZown is a place where you can explore, ask questions and smile at the things you can collect.

Check out the details of these figures!

My favorites:

  • Big Boy

  • Mr. Rogers

  • The Golden Girls

  • Pennywise (I know, creepy, but it looks amazing in real life)

  • Bob Ross

I love the way the shop came into existence - first with an online community and then followed by a real store. Marcos told us that regulars come from as far as not just Chicago, but across the country.  I had to stop myself from photographing the entire store.

Kudos to Marcos for deciding to open shop in Three Oaks. We also apologize in advance for the amount of time you’ll spend at collectorZown.:) It’s hard to resist those cute Funkos and immaculately crafted figures. Most important, do NOT hesitate to walk in, say hi and ask Marcos as many questions as you’d like. That’s why he’s there.

collectorZown is located at 104 N. Elm Street, Suite A in Three Oaks, MI